Stanley’s growing up healthy ~ Haiku

These haiku are inspired by the word prompt at

The word for this week is Health.

I am constantly amazed at the pace of Stanley’s development.  It seems that every week he has acquired a new skill and grown a bit more aware of the people, places and things around him.

He is now rolling over, trying to crawl, giggling at his toes or anything else that waves around in front of him!  He is also getting very sociable, going to ‘bounce and rhyme’ at the local library as well as ‘Little Fishes’ at the swimming pool.

He has started eating a variety of fruit, vegetables and cereals that his mum purees for him.  All in all I am delighted to say he is a healthy and happy baby and a joy to be with.

Mini masterpiece

A picture of perfection

Healthy and happy

Healthy and Happy

Healthy and Happy

Bootees abandoned

Tiny toes make tempting toys

Baby’s delighted

Tiny toes

Tiny toes


Compels him to crawl, eager

To investigate

Compelled to crawl

Compelled to crawl

24 thoughts on “Stanley’s growing up healthy ~ Haiku

    • I am so grateful for my family but 3 of my children live abroad so I manifest my gratitude by helping my neighbours in the community I live in. I also try to encourage and support young adults whenever I can in the hope that others will do the same for my children.


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