Betrayal ~ Haiku

This post is inspired by haiku heights word prompt.  The word is ‘Betrayal’.  It is a bit negative to be thinking about betrayal on such a lovely peaceful day, but there are always issues highlighted in the press which come under this theme.  Today I saw a front page article in the Independent Newspaper about a 92 year old man who died waiting for a bed on a ward, having been left in a side room for 11 hours.  This has got to be a betrayal by the NHS as an institution which is now seriously understaffed.


Neglected, alone

Forgotten on a trolley

Died a lonely death

I read recently of workers in Bangladesh who died when the overcrowded and substandard factory building they worked in collapsed.  They worked for little wages to produce garments for sale in our shops.


In squalid sweatshops

They labour for a pittance

Dying for profit

Due to the Government’s austerity measures we are having to make lots of cuts in every area of society.  But I was shocked to hear that soldiers returning from fighting (or peace keeping as it is referred to these days) in conflict zones around the world will lose their jobs when they return.


Returning from war

No thanks were they given, just

Redundancy notes

Of course the world’s problems have been largely caused by injustice and greed which in no little part has been fuelled by the big financial institutions.  It seems strange to me that the ordinary people have to suffer the consequences while the rich continue as if nothing has happened.


Arrogant bankers

Brought their business to ruin

But took their bonus

The world’s political classes are of course most guilty of betrayal whether intentionally or not.  They are the only people with the power to do something about the injustices in the world so what do they do?


At summits they meet

To discuss the worlds’ starving

At black tie banquets

I could go on about betrayal of innocent, defenceless children who have been abused by their “carers”; +about animals that are kept captive or treated cruelly; about the sick and disabled who are being vilified in this country for needing benefits to live a basic existence; but I will finish with a heartfelt betrayal:-


Brutal betrayal

To abandon the mother

Expecting your child

25 thoughts on “Betrayal ~ Haiku

  1. Thank you for articulating the conditions of those who do not appear on television, have multi-million bank accounts or lead wars. You surely understand the words of Jesus when he said what you do for the least among you, you do for me. God bless you.


  2. A string of betrayals which happen every day in life and curiously I find it is the ordinary man who is generally betrayed!! Intelligent take on the prompt!!


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