12 thoughts on “Some Things Don’t Change

  1. Nice haiku…..
    Put negative memories in the bottom drawer’
    Out of site out of mind
    The sun is shining here
    The sky is bright blue (sorry:)
    I must start the day
    instead of writing to you


  2. “…rain soaked washing” – Oh what a great simile. Just had a tea with a friend and we were extolling the virtues of clothes lines. AND what to do with rain soaked articles of much-needed clothing!

    I can just feel those wet things plastering against me while fumbling through a set up for drying. Those memories can be just as awkward and as much a nuisance.


    • Yes after days of rain here I was getting a bit bogged down in washing that just would not dry! It seemed to match my mood at the time hence the poem! Much more positive now the sun has returned!!


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