Its a Perfect day

Stanley finds pegs fascinating

Stanley finds pegs fascinating

One of the songs sung by the choir I belong to at our recent concert is Perfect Day.
Laughter and Lyrics Choir

Laughter and Lyrics Choir

Today has been just perfect. It is usually called Grandma day as I look after Stanley on Wednesdays and Thursdays. But today it was Turtle Day as I had bought a turtle shaped sand pit for him to play in.
Stanley really is a delight in every way and just spending time with him makes me feel wonderful.
It was especially good today for two reasons
1. We have both been feeling very unwell until today, with chest infections followed by throat infections
2. The sun was shining in a clear blue sky and it was lovely and warm.
Stanley usually arrives at 8am to be greeted by my little dachshund, Dayna who races out of the front door to greet him. They both then race in to get to the best armchair ~ Dayna, and the Chuggington corner ~ Stanley. Now when my children were little it was all Thomas the Tank engine and I do feel a bit disloyal saying this but Chuggington is just so much more exciting! I have collected all the trains ~ wooden and die-cast, some track, two carrying cases, a hard back story book and a floor layout for imaginative play. Now Stanley is only 16 months old but he plays with Chuggington things for hours. He ‘rides the rails’ around, across and under furniture whether or not the dog is sitting on it, he builds tunnels with mega bricks (or grandma’s legs), and he drives the trains in and out of their sheds in the carrying cases endlessly. He just never seems to tire of it. At lunchtime as a special treat he gets to watch an episode of Chuggington which I have pre-recorded while he eats what I have prepared. I have 78 episodes recorded now so that pretty much guarantees peaceful lunchtimes until he starts school!
I jokingly say to my daughter that if I were to go on Mastermind, the BBC high brow quiz show, my specialist subject would be Chuggington ~ I know so much about it I have started creating new storylines as I watch. I also make pictures for Stanley by cutting out the card trains which come with each new toy and building a scene around them with the train names written on. I then laminate them. Stanley loves these and it is how we both learned all the names.
But today, even Chuggington came second to the TURTLE sandpit. I sited it on the patio near a gazebo so that Stanley would have some shade and Grandma would have somewhere to sit. Having forgotten to buy buckets and spades etc., I gathered old plastic containers, a colander and a jug, spatulas and wooden spoons, which worked almost as well. And then the fun started.
When Stanley had enough of that exercise he thoroughly inspected the garden. Being his first Spring at an age where he could make sense of his surroundings it was a joy just to follow him watching and listening. But the highlight for me was sharing the discovery that two of the birdhouses my daughter made for me are occupied by nesting blue tits. Stanley adores watching birds in the trees and bushes, in the sky or on the ground, at the water table or on the feeders. So to show him where they are nesting was a joy.
After that he toddled up to my shed. Now anyone who has read my post “Windows” will know that my sheds are very special places for relaxation and meditation and usually no-one else ventures in there. However, today Stanley looked at the shed, pushed at the locked door and said, “Open, Yea?” in a voice that would totally melt the polar ice cap. Of course I said yes and in no time at all the nicknacks in my sanctuary were all rearranged. There was a moment when I looked at him, ancient toy car in one hand and orange wooden rosary prayer beads in the other and the happiness I felt took my breath away. And I realised that at that moment Stanley and I were both in that place where ‘heaven happens’.

9 thoughts on “Its a Perfect day

  1. How utterly delightful this post is Brenda, I feel the love, happiness and joy pouring from it !! The turtle sandpit is exactly the same as the one I had for my children (as seen in a recent post of my daughter sitting inside it!) and I also have a bench exactly like yours, I brought it back from the States! Stanley is adorable and to end it on such a tender and joy-filled note as you and he shared such a special, unforgettable moment brought tears to my eyes. How wonderful too to have nesting blue tits, this would delight me also. I am so happy for you dear Brenda, thank you for this beautiful post x


    • Ah Sherri it is days like that which keep us going isn’t it? I loved having my children small although it wasn’t plain sailing by any means as a single parent! But having Stanley now is even more joy filled as I don’t have to work full time too!
      Jenny, Stanley’s mum is my youngest daughter and thank goodness she lives very near me. The others all live abroad. She is expecting a second baby in October so I am absolutely thrilled about that!
      Thanks for your lovely comment. I feel we have known each other for years and have a lot in common.


      • It really is Brenda, although I have to remember my children’s days when they were little and I do still miss that time in my life so much. I don’t have the joy of grandchildren yet, can you tell I’m a desperate Granny in waiting?!!!! I meant to say that I still have my boys’ Thomas trains, the die-cast metal and the wooden ones, and all their Lego and Playmobile. All I need is a grandchild to play with them… 😉
        So glad that you have one of your children living close by and that she is expecting again, how utterly wonderful! You are blessed indeed, and your darling Stanley is a delight. So happy for you dear friend and yes, it is lovely to have met you here, wonderful 🙂


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