Palm Sunday 2014

I have celebrated Palm Sunday in many different countries, Kenya, Spain, France, Poland, Italy and UK and it is a church tradition that I love. When I was at work (teaching primary children) one of our jobs was to make the palm crosses for the local church each year. It was an eagerly awaited treat for the 10/11 year olds in their final year of primary school, to learn how to weave and fold the crosses from simple palm leaves.
I have written about other Palm Sundays before and the links are below if you would like to read them. I hope you do.
This year I am laid up in bed with a very nasty case of tonsillitis on antibiotics so I have not even seen a palm!
But I did look at the Vatican website to see the celebrations in St Peter’s Square. My overriding impression is that this Pope, like Jesus, is adored by the people because of his common touch and understanding of what it means to be poor in this world. But my fear is that like Jesus, he is rattling too many cages and there will be those who plot against him. I also see in his face that after only a few months in the job he is looking exhausted and strained.
Two Haiku I wrote last year sum up my fears.

Pope Francis Pope Francis

Cheering throngs gather

In Messianic fervour

Fronds fall at His feet
Calling for His death

Crowds that cheered Him now decry

Innocent, He’ll die

You can see the Palm Sunday in Rome here
And my previous Palm Sunday posts are here:~

8 thoughts on “Palm Sunday 2014

    • Thanks Sherri
      The throat is easing but my ear and glands are still very swollen and sore. I’ve got to get better for Wednesday- that’s grandma day! Couldn’t bear to miss my little boy x

      Sent by Brenda Kimmins



      • Yes indeed and I’ve bought a turtle sandpit and 6 bags of sand as the weather is good enough for outside play!
        Hope you have a great Easter.
        My middle daughter, Anna, is coming home from Barcelona for the weekend so it will be lively here at grandmas house!


  1. I like Pope Francis, I hope that he is pope for a long time, but you’re right, it can be tough for such a person to deal with all the challenges facing him.


  2. I like that Francis-dude. I don’t know much about Roman Catholicism but I like his actions. He is quite kind, humble and ethical. There is something very good about him πŸ™‚ Sorry, I’m bad at religion but okay with the one above, I hope…lol πŸ™‚


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