Cornwall here I Come

I am so thrilled to be going back to Cornwall for a holiday this year. A holiday and travel in general is a rare treat since my hubby started dialysis some years ago. We can only go to an area with a hospital that offers holiday dialysis ~ and has a vacant week. Twice we have been fortunate enough to get holidays in Dorset and I have written about those before.
Last year we travelled to Truro where the general hospital also offers holiday dialysis. Having never explored Cornwall I had great plans of all the places I wanted to see. But my hopes were firmly dashed when the car broke down before we even got to our hotel!
There’s only one thing to do in those circumstances I find ~ write a poem ~ so here it is…

I came for cool, clean, salty air
For cloudless skies and seagulls
I came for peace, tranquillity,
For time to think of only me

I came to stop, to rest, to think
To wander country lanes
I came to taste delicious meals
And sparkling wines to drink

I came this county to explore
Its hillsides, gardens and seashore
‘Til my car broke down it was going so well ~
Now I’m confined to my hotel!

I did manage to visit some tin mines,  the Lost Gardens of Heligan and the Minack Theatre once my car was fixed, and you can see photos of them by clicking their links.

Here are some photos I didn’t manage to post…

8 thoughts on “Cornwall here I Come

    • Oh Rachael thank you for reading my post x I loved your amended haiku! Minack is amazing isn’t it. Can’t wait to get back to Cornwall. I just hope the weather is as good as last year x


      • Cornwall is beautiful whatever the weather. I remember many years ago – when exams just got too much at university – when we drove west from Sussex until we arrived at an isolated sheep farm on the edge of a cliff which did B and B. It rained the entire time, and it was wonderful! x


  1. Oh Brenda, your holidays sound like mine! You won’t believe it but hubby and I planned a little getaway to your neck of the woods last weekend, for his belated birthday and our wedding anniversary, first time away like that for ages. Had a lovely day out in Bourton-on-the-water and an evening meal then had to dash home as my poor daughter was taken very ill. Thank God she is fine now but there went our plans! I’m so glad that you got to go away with your husband and enjoy a lovely break once your car was fixed as now we get to see your beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing them 🙂


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