Grandma’s House

our tiny bungalow
Grandma’s house is very small
Just 2 bedrooms off the hall
A tiny kitchen, shiny-floored
A larder where my treats are stored
A shower with a seat inside
Wardrobes where doggy and I can hide
An archway leads into the lounge
Where furniture gets moved around
To make a station for my trains
Or an airport for ‘copters and planes
Sometimes it’s a racetrack for my cars
Or a farmyard with tractors, paddocks and barns
Grandma puts blankets over the table
To make a den, a forest or a stable
In the garden there’s gravel that scrunches when I walk
And a patio where I can draw pictures with chalk
In granddad’s shed there are drawers full of tools,
Boxes of nails, tubes of glue, jars of screws
A little mouse is nesting inside the wood store
While outside live birds, bees, hedgehogs and more
Grandma says her shed is a magical place
It’s furnished and carpeted and curtained with lace
Lavender hangs drying from the painted ceiling
While pine shelves are covered in things that have meaning
Like Icons from Finland, and medals from Lourdes
Calabash from Africa made out of gourds
Matrushkas from Moscow, maracas from Spain
I can’t wait for summer to play there again
Grandma loves it when I come to play
She makes indoor picnics we eat off a tray
She has lots of photos all over her wall
The best one is my mummy when she was small.
tunnel of love

7 thoughts on “Grandma’s House

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  2. This is Wonderful 😉 Such homes are a True Treasure, a safe haven for Love and Hope, Peace and Joy to grow and to be Nurtured. If Grandma’s House is anything like your Heart, then your poetry will always touch hearts and speak to souls. Nicely Done. 🙂 No problems here!


  3. This brought a tear to my eye. So wonderfully sentimental, reminding me not of my Grandmother but of my Great Grandmother (or Oma as she was so called by all who knew her, not just by the family)

    The only thing that was missing here, to my memory, was… snakes! Because, of course, a Grandmother is so often the one who will give a young child gifts of which his mother might not approve : )

    Thanks again.


  4. What a lovely poem that sums up all about the visit to Grandma. Play was fun in days gone by, but now modern technology seems to have taken over children’s lives. They do not appear to imagine and play as we did.


  5. Oh I love this so much! Wonderful reflection on cosy family life. Not everyone has this,of course and this refuels my gratitude for all the blessings in this connection, when I was a child, then my children who had that cosiness and now ours is the house that five grandchildren love coming to! I wrote a rhyming poem last week fom our grandchildrens” perspective about teddies who sit on a blanket box. Maybe I will post it on my blog! 😊


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