This post is inspired by the last two prompts from http://haiku-heights.blogspot.co.uk/

Mum's woodcarving

Mum’s woodcarving

Their hands held the tools

As they carved out the figure

That touches my heart


She whittled in wood,

Carved, chiselled and sanded.

A figure was formed


My parents now gone

Left a lasting impression

Character forming


She saw through the wood

A spirit living within

And set his soul free


Silent and stooping

The essence of pure sadness

Released from the wood


Working with the wood

His chiselled features forming

Smooth-sanded statue

The first prompt “fingerprint”, made me consider how special some things are to me simply because they belonged previously to, and were held by, someone I have loved. I was reminded especially of a figure that my mum carved out of wood many years ago. The wood was hard to work with so my dad helped with the chiselling and carving. I distinctly remember them both working away very happily at this piece of original craftwork, their fingerprints ingrained in the wood.
Gradually the character in the wood was revealed. It was a particularly striking piece I always thought, but my mum thought him a little gloomy for display in the house. So he lived on a plinth in the garden for years. As he stood battered by the weather he gradually looked more and more dejected.
The second prompt word is “sand” which fits nicely into the second stage in the life of this figure.
After my parents had both died the figure came to me. He was battered, discoloured and very rough but very precious to me, having been physically created by my parents. So my lovely husband took the figure off its rotten plinth, cleaned and sanded it down, then fixed the base. He still looks very careworn and dejected ~ the figure that is ~ not my husband, but I love it so much that it now sits on a shelf in my lounge.
I would not part with it at any price.

5 thoughts on “Woodcarving

  1. This is beautiful Brenda you really touched me with your story and your exquisite haiku. My husband is a carpenter by hobby and when I was in the hospital for an extended period he carved me a little owl to keep my company


    • Oh thank you x It felt quite special to me x My dad has been gone for 20 years and my mum 2 but I still think about thema great deal and miss them both so much x The carved figure is one of my greatest treasures x


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