This post is inspired by Haiku Heights prompt word ‘Ripples’.

Little plastic ducklings

Little plastic ducklings

Ducklings bobbing as

Babies learn to swim, making

Ripples in the pool

Stanley learning to swim

Stanley learning to swim


Fishermen despair

As dipping ducks surface in

Ripples on the lake


With muscles rippling

She races to complete the

London Marathon

My daughter did the London Marathon in 2010.  She said it was the most fantastic and memorable day ever. The 26.2 miles were long, gruelling and emotional but she completed it in a respectable 4 hours, 20 minutes and 33 seconds. She raised £2032 for Myeloma UK.


Recession’s ripples

Spread round the world.  The poor are

The first to suffer


Wireless waves ripple

“War is over”.  Not heard in

Jungles of Burma


Deep in the Burmese jungle in 1945, the “forgotten army”, including my uncle Robert, had no idea the war was over.  News took a while to filter through; some had no radios and others had no time to listen to the BBC.

Mountbatten said, “You call yourselves the ‘forgotten army’, well you are wrong.  At home they haven’t even heard of you”.


18 thoughts on “Ripples

  1. I enjoy the way that you shared such different versions of the effects of ripples. The last haiku was especially brilliant.


    • Oh thank you x it was heart felt x as a child I was very aware that my darling Aunty grace had such a struggle to bring up her 2 children.because my uncle was killed after the official end of the war she did not get any war widows pension!! She worked so hard all her life x


  2. “Recession’s ripples

    Spread round the world. The poor are

    The first to suffer”

    I like all of these but I especially like your poetry when it reflects social consciousness. This is one of a poets duties. Good work.


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