Story – Haiku

He said “you can’t make

a silk purse from a sow’s ear”

His meaning was clear

This post is inspired by the haiku heights prompt for today ~ “Story”

This was the comment made about me at the age of 10 by the Headmaster of the school I was expecting to go to when me moved across the country for my father’s job.  I had missed a lot of school due to illness so was way behind others of my age.  I also had a Geordie accent which he equated with being uneducated.  These factors led him to believe I was stupid and not worth educating!  My determined parents decided to move me somewhere else thank goodness!

His words have stayed with me always and inspired me to become a teacher.  Eventually I became a Headteacher.   My aim was to value every child, to educate them to the best of their ability, and to develop in them self confidence and high self esteem so that whatever their talents they could go out into the world prepared to lead full, rewarding and satisfying lives.

I guess it is a milestone in my story!


12 thoughts on “Story – Haiku

    • Thank you x the prompt just brought it up and it had to come out! You know how things simmer away under the surface and you don’t talk about them? But having put this in print I feel I can lay it to rest now ~ it’s dealt with. That’s what I love about writing.


    • Thank you for your lovely comment! The new look is the blossom on the tree in my garden! I have quince, apple, pear and cherry blossom all out at the moment ~ it is a beautiful time!
      The quote was what my headmaster said about me when i was 10 years old. I was a very sickly child and missed a lot of school. I also came from a different town and spoke with an accent he did not like which he equated with being stupid and uneducated.
      I never forgot what he said and it spurred me on to teach when I grew up. I eventually became a head teacher and I always aimed to fill my pupils with confidence in themselves, high self esteem, and a belief that they could do anything they wanted regardless of where they came from.
      Read todays post on Believe in Yourself if you have time ~ that song sums it all up for me!


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