Daredevil ~ Haiku

Inspired by this week’s prompt from haikuheights which is the word Daredevil I was reminded of my nephew who is in the Metropolitan Police.  He faces possible danger on a daily basis but manages to stay calm and positive in the face of it all.

Lured into their trap

Alone he stands his ground as

Gang gathers round him

My son too is unflappable whether riding his motorbike across the world, diving deep under the oceans or climbing up devilish rockfaces.

Devil rock lures him

into death defying deeds

He claws at its face

rich climbing


9 thoughts on “Daredevil ~ Haiku

    • Crumbs! I expect NY is even scarier than London ~ I do admire them for what they do an how they do it. My nephew is a wonderful man, caring, compassionate, fair and honest, but strong and self assured ~ the perfect combination for a policeman. he is in a special task force so deals with the most difficult situations.


    • They sure do ~ they don’t get it from me as I have always been a wimp! But I brought them up to be adventurous and free with self belief ~ see today’s post ” believe in yourself” for an insight into my philosophy!


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