Xerox inspired Haiku

Hope you don’t mind if I sneak in 2 days worth of haiku as I missed yesterday!  So my open prompt comes today when ~ I heard my first cuckoo!

Loud and clear cuckoo
sings, summer’s early warning.
Nesting birds beware


Xerox inspired ~ Before I retired from my job in education, I was linked with Kianja Primary School in Nyanza Province, near Kisumu in Kenya.  The first time I went there I was amazed to see classes of up to 80 children in what were effectively large mud huts with no windows or doors ~ and no resources!  The teacher was using water to write on a wall to illustrate his lesson.  Sometimes teachers would take lessons outside under a huge mango tree.  The children were bright, keen, polite, well-behaved, friendly ~ and learning!

They had no electricity so a xerox machine would have been of no use to them.

Water on mud walls

left a lasting impression.

One teaching resource


African children

Learn in tribal village school

Under mango tree

5 thoughts on “Xerox inspired Haiku

    • It certainly was a colourful image to remember. I adored the children and staff at that school ~ my their lives were different to ours. I kept up correspondence and links for years and was able to give them lots of practical assistance with support from my school community. We provided them with a well so that they could have fresh water which they use for drinking and for growing food to eat and to sell at market to raise funds for the school. We also managed to get doors for some of the rooms so they could get and store resources safely. It is the thing I am most proud of in my life apart from having my children obviously!!


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