33 Waterfalls ~ Haiku

33 Waterfalls in Dzhegosh gorge, Sochi

33 Waterfalls in Dzhegosh gorge, Sochi

On one of my many trips to Russia I was taken to an amazing area of natural beauty in the  Shakhe river valley.  There are 33 waterfalls here in the Dzhegosh gorge, as well as rapids, 13 cascades and countless streams!  In order to get to the gorge you have to walk through a dense forest of Oak, Maple, Alder and Hornbeam.  There are also quite exotic plants, mosses and box trees growing here.

Once you arrive at the 33 waterfalls there is a steep and rather treacherous climb up a walkway to the top where you get spectacular views.  It really is a wonderful place.  Once you have braved the rapids and been soaked by the waterfalls you can buy the most amazing pastie type food which is prepared by a local Babushka in an old oil drum in the forest.  It looked rough and ready and I am sure she had not done a Food Hygiene course but the food tasted wonderful!

Cascading river

Fragments and falls, crashing through

Walkways of wonder

13 thoughts on “33 Waterfalls ~ Haiku

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    • Me too x there are lots of waterfalls in Wales which is about 2 hours drive from here but the ones in Russia were on a totally different scale! I would love to see Victoria falls or Niagara but I guess I never will x


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