My blog today is inspired by Haiku Heights prompt word for this week which is ‘Silence’

For many years I have had a quote on my shelf and I have no idea who said it but it brings me great comfort . . .

Let thy soul walk softly in thee

As a saint in Heaven unshod

For to be alone with silence

Is to be alone with God

My son used to say the most peaceful places are under the sea or on top of a mountain.  He used to dive and he still climbs,  so the first Haiku is for him . . .

Seeking solitude

In an underwater world

Stilled by silence

Any new mother will tell you that the most peaceful time is when her child is sleeping peacefully.  As a grandmother this is still true . . .

Nestled in shadows,

In silence I watch her sleep,

An angel at rest

Sometimes, when there are no words that can help, only ‘time out’ will soothe the broken heart or the troubled mind . . .

Silence speaks softly

Solicitous to sorrow

Soothing suffering

Having travelled to Lourdes many times, I am constantly amazed that there can be 40,000 emotional people gathered in the underground basilica for a service but a gentle “Shhh!” will bring total silence . . .

Soft shushed to silence

In sickness and suffering

They stream into Lourdes

2am in the grotto at lourdes, a time for silent prayer

Studying Icons

In silent contemplation

Wisdom is revealed


17 thoughts on “Silence

    • Thank you x Strange that you should think of me today as my husband just started chemotherapy today and my daughter is just 1 week away from having her first baby. TORN!!! I feel as if I am on the edge of a precipice!


      • Oh wow, I had no idea. You really were on my mind too, and often are. I am sad that you are holding that in your life, and I do hope your husband is okay? And that you are too. How wonderful about your daughter! Life works in wonderful and weird ways. Lots of love to you, hope people around you are looking after you too x x


    • I am so glad the haiku and photos bring you pleasure and peace ~ I could ask for nothing more! The universe provides the most amazing experiences and opportunities and I am deeply grateful that I have the eyes to see and the words to express my feelings.


    • Thank you x I loved writing them x I think the quiet spiritual side of me loves the opportunity to be expressed. I delight in solitude and silence so that I can be still and think my own thoughts. Sadly neither is easy to find these days!


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