Waltz – The Permitted Embrace – Haiku

Today’s post is inspired by Haiku Heights and the word prompt is Waltz but I am using the Argentinian Vals for my inspiration.

Look into her eyes

Aroused by primal passions

Feel her body move 


Look into your soul

Stirred by sensual music

Let your spirits soar


Look into his heart

Alert to every movement

Lose yourself in dance


Duo dance as one

Exploring their desires

Stylish seduction


Now I used to think the Waltz was a boring dance, until I discovered Argentinian Waltz (Vals).  I saw it performed at  a very exciting WI meeting.   There was passionate, fiery and exotic music, rare footage of filmed Argentinian dances, a fascinating talk and beautiful dancing demonstrations.  Janet Earl and Adrian Barsby, who teach together but are not regular partners, did a double act chatting in a relaxed fashion and inviting members to ask questions or interrupt whenever they wished, rather than wait until the end.  The talk was really informative, explaining the background and history of Argentinian dances  such as Tango, Milonga and  Canyengue as well as Vals (Waltz),   I have written about Argentinian Tango in a previous post.

Now the Waltz as we europeans know it –  is much older than Tango Vals.  It was thought to be one of the very first dances in which the couple face and touch each other when dancing.  However, I have been listening to a wonderful programme on BBC Radio 4 about the history of dance and it seems there were dances, namely La Volta,  way back in Elizabethan times which shocked society because the men held the women around the waist and used their knees to swing them round!!  Indeed it is said that Queen Elizabeth the First shocked courtiers by dancing La Volta with the Earl of Leicester!  The programme is called Dance Nation and is by Deborah Bull.  The episode is called The Permitted Embrace.

By the end of the 18th century the European Bourgeoisie had made the Waltz their own and it became a symbol of their attitudes – self-assured, emotional, free, erotic.  If you read Jane Austen’s novels you will know that dancing was the most acceptable way for a young girl to flirt and court a possible suitor!  Yet when it became fashionable in Vienna around 1773, it was shocking to the masses and the aristocrats, and was considered ‘riotous and indecent’ as late as 1825!

I don’t know why it was considered ‘riotous and indecent’ but I certainly find Argentinian Waltz sensual, erotic and very moving.  It appears as if the goucho, or man, is leading but in fact he is just inviting her with his leg movements.  A confident lady will let him know by her responses with her legs whether she is willing or not.  It all appears very structured and rehearsed, but actually the dance evolves according to the signals each give with their legs.  It truly is wonderful to watch once you know this.  I recommend that you watch video clips of Anton and Flavia who dance on a BBC TV show in UK called Strictly Come Dancing and it is wonderful.  They do a sensational Argentinian Waltz.

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