Illuminating Blogger Award

Being a relatively new blogger and naturally inclined to need feedback from more experienced bloggers, I am thrilled to receive The Illuminating blogger  award from Karen Wan.

I know not everyone enjoys receiving awards as they involve a bit of an effort, but being a Leo I need all the praise I can get!  So thank you Karen

The rules for the Illuminating Blogger Award are simple.

You just need to share one random thing about yourself and thank the person who recommended you.  The one random thing that I’m sharing is that I am off to London on Thursday to the National Federation of Women’s Institutes Head Office. I am really looking forward to this as there will be lots of interesting and inspiring women talking.  It also gives me a chance to promote the wonderful book Coin Street Chronicles written by Gwen Southgate.  I don’t know Gwen and have never met her but her book deserves to be widely read.  It was very well received in the USA, where Gwen lives now, and I really want to promote it in UK where it is set.

My nominations for the Illuminating Blogger award are also other blogs that I enjoy reading.

illuminating posts:

I hope you will visit them, they will enrich your day x

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