Musings in silence

Red Poppy field in Cotswolds

Red Poppy field in Cotswolds

This Weekly Photo Challenge. is the word Muse and it has given me a lot to think about.  On reflection I believe my muse is the natural world.  It provides memorable, magnificent moments when my spirit soars with the spectacle before me.  This is usually when I am on my own, in silence, in the countryside.  Wide open pastures, woodland filled with wildflowers and birdsong, snow-capped mountains, cool crashing waterfalls, tumbling streams and majestic rivers.  These are what excite me.  Acres of colourful, cultivated flowers, or a single poppy bursting into life uplifts me and carries me away from the mundane.  These are the moments that matter.  this is when heaven happens and I just have to capture it with my camera or with a blogpost.

These days I don’t do much travelling, but I am blessed to live in a beautiful part of the world.  Whatever the season there is always something sublime to see within a short journey.  And, if I can’t get out, I can always enjoy nature’s efforts in my garden.

In January there are snowdrops, crocuses and hellebores, and often snow on the Cotswold Hills. Then I take myself off to Painswick or Sherborne to enjoy them.

In February the first primroses and wild daffodils appear.  There is frost on the ground and skeletal trees when the first lambs and goat kids are born.  That’s when I go to the Golden Triangle.

In March the magnolias burst into flower and blackthorn gleams white in the hedgerow.  Hyacinths smells fragrant and frogspawn appears in the pond.

In April there are cowslips on the Common and blossom on the fruit trees and in hedgerows.  This is the prefect time to go on the Blossom Trail around Evesham.  By the time Easter arrives the new lambs and baby rabbits are out in the fields and the lilac trees are in full flower.

In May fields of yellow rapeseed sweep far into the distance, and yellow and orange poppies brighten up the roadside.  Self-seeded Lily of the Valley fill the border under my fruit trees.

In June it’s off to the woods to see the Bluebells and wild garlic which grows by the roadside.  Bright red poppies appear in the fields and roses fill the gardens

In July I go to Wick near Pershore to see acres of delphiniums, which are grown to be dried and sold as natural confetti.  On the way back I stop to admire the blue Linseed fields outside Elmley Castle.  Now is the time to pick cherries from the trees and strawberries from the fields.

By August I am picking apples, pears and blackberries daily and storing or freezing them for winter.  In Pershore the plum festival is held and there are sunflowers to see and lavender fields to visit!

But September is my favourite time. There are conkers and cob nuts to collect.  The Cotswold countryside is a giant nature table with a cloth of autumnal colours.

October means pumpkins, root vegetables, toffee apples and fudge.   It’s time to go to Westonbirt Arboretum for the best display of Maples turning red outside of Japan.

November means baked potatoes, nourishing soups and bonfires, foggy mornings and falling leaves.  Time to head to the park to watch them dance in the wind!

Things quieten down in December but there are fir trees and holly bushes to admire.  Christmas lights glisten in the houses, shops and streets. I head off to Stratford on Avon to see them at their best.

One of my favourite quotes is

Let thy soul walk softly in thee

As a saint in heaven unshod

For to be alone with silence

Is to be alone with God

23 thoughts on “Musings in silence

    • Yes it is a beautiful anonymous quote which I’ve had on my shelf for many years. I found it in a cathedral and try to live by it x


  1. Beautiful post. God’s creative touch in nature causes us to get a glimpse of His beauty and rejoice in His care for us (Matthew 6:28-29). I’m glad His creation draws you to the Creator!


  2. “a single poppy bursting into life uplifts me and carries me away from the mundane. These are the moments that matter. this is when heaven happens” —- such beautiful words, such beautiful photos, such a beautiful recounting of marvels, month by month.
    Thank you so much for stopping by and Liking “A New Day” — enabled me to follow you here to your blog. My morning cup of coffee, much more joyful reading your post and meandering your blog. The power of words to make connections, lift our feelings — couple them with photos and it can be magical!
    Hope to meet you again, over morning coffee or my evening glass of wine 🙂


  3. Nature is my constant source of inspiration just like you 🙂 Isn’t it a great storehouse of wonders and happiness? A never-ending source of encouragement to see life in the light of it…

    Loved your pictures..all of them ..really you are fortunate enough to live in such a beautiful place. Your picture with the apples is just lovely… ❤


    • Thank you x I thought it would be of interest to other bloggers in different parts of the world. I love seeing their photos of the flora and fauna in their parts of the world. I’m glad you enjoyed it. We have a lot to enjoy in the Cotswolds x

      Sent by Brenda Kimmins


      Liked by 1 person

  4. Hello Brenda

    This is a magnificent post – thank you! I love your posts anyway, but felt this was a very special one.

    Have you considered making a calendar from it – using your words here and images for each month? You could sell it for charity or something?

    I’m going to do one for 2016 of Zentangle drawing created by students – using an online provider stressfreeprinting – and proceeds will go to local charities chosen by the students.

    Hope you’re well



    • Bless you Lesley x what a lovely thought. I will definitely save that address and consider the calendar idea x let me know when yours is ready and I’ll buy some x

      Sent by Brenda Kimmins



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