Nature in Motion

My friendly long tailed tit landing

My friendly long tailed tit landing

This photo is a fluke but I love it.  I had been hoping to get a photo of my cheeky, but very friendly, fledgling long tailed tit as he pays his daily visit to my door.  I snapped quickly with my phone and this is the result.  It is literally as he is landing and it looks as though his feathers are screeching to a halt.  He is still learning how to fly after all ~ And I’m still learning about photography!

One of the things I love about blogging is communicating with fascinating people who enjoy the same things as I do.  Recently, through various posts, I have discovered that Sarah Longes who blogs “One Day at a Time” at Mirador Design, loves garden birds as much as I do. Recently we were conversing in the comments section about all the fledging birds we have in our gardens.  In mine there are robins, blue tits, blackcaps, blackbirds, pigeons, sparrows, chaffinches and a very cheeky long tailed tit.  This little bird is a bit of a rebel.  While all the others are happy to hop about under the apple trees or sit on the fence, this sociable little bird gets very close and personal on a daily basis.  His mother must despair of him. He shows no fear, but great curiosity, as he flies right up to my french windows and perches on the door handle.  He seems to enjoy watching me as I potter about the house and when I sit down by the window he stares straight into my eyes.  It truly is amazing and I have got so used to it that I look forward to seeing him now.  I will be really sad when he grows up a bit and flies off to pastures new. I promised Sarah I would take some photos of him so here they are.  They qualify in a post on ‘Motion’ as they show my little bird landing and getting ready for take off.  I love the blurred one as it literally caught him as he landed and it looks like he had to do an emergency stop!

My last group of photos are from a day out by the lake yesterday.  While my husband was enjoying his fishing I was amused by a family of ducks.  There was a mother and father and 9 ducklings which were obviously very young.  8 of them were very adventurous and wandered off all over the lake but one seemed quite nervous and often stayed very close to mum.  It was charming to watch so i took lots of photos of the ducklings in motion.

16 thoughts on “Nature in Motion

  1. Birds are such a joy. I just hung up my hummingbird feeder as the first hummingbirds are returning to our area. The other birdfeeder is attracting new birds all the time. They are interesting to watch and I learn a lot just doing that….

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    • Oh I do agree, I could watch the birds all day. I’ve never seen a hummingbird but I imagine they are gorgeous. My favourite is the tiny wren that hops along under the bushes with her tail so prim and perky. I saw her this morning and it is a delight. Thanks for reading and commenting x

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  2. Oh Brenda what a wonderful character he is (long-tailed tit)!!! I’d be in seventh heaven having him visit 🙂 Thanks for the mention too! Having motion as the theme is too much temptation and I’m preparing some more bird photos myself 🙂 Bailey’s a good looking springer and definitely has the requisite amount of spring! I grew up with King Charles Cavalier spaniels who are just mini springers really 😉 I always loved watching their ears streaming out behind them when they were racing around full pelt! Great to see the ducks with a large brood 🙂 I’m waiting for the year that the mandarins over at Wisley Gardens finally have some young!

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    • I’m looking forward to seeing your photos! The ducklings were adorable. I noticed they all retired for a siesta after lunch for about 2 hours then cam back and started again. Wild creatures are so sensible!
      Bailey is an adorable puppy. My daughter had a springer called Bart previously for 17 years who was the love of her life. Bailey is working hard to fill his shoes! Bart is the inspiration for my children’s stories that I hope will one day be published. He was a true one off!
      I always wanted a King Charles cavalier but ended up with a dachshund! But she is adorable so can’t complain.

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      • Oh my nanny when I was little had two long haired dachshunds and they were lovely! Every pet is an individual and special in their own way but yes, we had one of those who was a complete one off and an inspiration. William, our first King Charles, was an amazing companion and friend. He inspired a number of paintings and poems 🙂 They really are wonderful dogs! Full of energy and fun but they also love to be a real lap dog indoors. I’ve always been a cat lover too and as we can’t have dogs in our flat we have two adorable and hilarious cats. I feel horrible putting them into the cattery for so long this year when Simon and I get married in Greece! Usually various family members look after them for us at home but of course, they’ll all be in Greece with us! I must get over to the local canal at some point to see how many ducking broods there are this year and if the swans have had any luck!

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