stellas wooden statue 1

Pain is messy

A rebellious teenager, appearing

Defiant, disruptive

Causing chaos

Pain is invisible

A malevolent spirit haunting

Nagging, gnawing

Stealing sleep

Pain is antisocial

An angry mob descending

Erratic, uncaring,

Restricting movement

Pain is cunning

A bully stalking

Defeating doctors, confounding consultants,

Making fools of pharmacists,

Pain is relentless

A silent enemy

Heartless, challenging

Limiting life

It’s the middle of the night and as i can’t sleep my default mode is to get up and write.

I can’t sleep because of the relentless pain in my shoulder which is the result of an injury to my rotator cuff.  I’d never heard of this unseen but essential part of my anatomy until it was injured.  According to Wikipedia, the rotator cuff is a group of muscles and their tendons that act to stabilize the shoulder.  Like me, you have probably never given them a thought; but, if they are inflamed, torn or damaged like mine, you will certainly know about it!  The pain in my shoulder is excruciating, especially if I try to lift or lower my arm or twist it behind my back.  It is worse at night because I tend to turn over and lie on the right side and it is my right shoulder that is injured.  I guess it will improve over time and with some simple exercise, but at the moment the pain is hard to manage.  The hospital doctor gave me Co-codamol but they made me sick and most over the counter analgesics don’t even dull the pain.  So I guess I will just have to live with it.

On the bright side, it does not affect me much when my arm is by my side so I can still write ~ YIPPEE!  I think if I was unable to write I would go crazy.

10 thoughts on “Pain

    • Oh Wendy you have my sympathy for your OA. I have Lupus which is well controlled but a pain at the best of times! I got some new medication today from the doctor and lots of good advice so hopefully things will improve x

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  1. Hello! I have the same problem you do as a result of tripping over my beautiful golden retriever! Two things happened — bursitis set in because I did not have physio sessions soon enough. I do find that Lacotta helps when rubbed on (over the counter in a pharmacy in Canada) and letting my arm hang down and swinging back and forth and in a circle seems to kill the pain. Also those heating bags for the microwave help with sleep. So sorry about your painful time. Glad you can still write. Diana

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    • Oh poor you Diana i sympathise! Thanks for the tips, im in UK but i can buy Voltarol gel to rub in and i have a heatpad. The swinging arm is a good tip and i will try to get some physio. I have a shoulder brace which helps a bit. Thanks for taking the time to reply x


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