11 thoughts on “Gone Fishing

  1. I like this photo. Looks like a big one! Thanks for stopping by my kitchen table a little while back. Thought I’d come over and see what you’re doing. Here’s a song I hope will make you smile called “Gone Fishin”. Take care and thank you for visiting.


      • I’m glad she did and we met. Thank you for coming over and following me. I’m looking forward to getting to know you. It looks like your posts are writing and photo challenges and you have a novel you’re looking to publish along with writing children’s stories. It looks like we’re on the same page with mutual interests. I like that.


      • Great to find we have things in common. I always feel a fraud as my blog does not have a central theme or focus. I tend to do challenges to focus my mind but really I prefer to write about what I do, what I see and my view of the world. I love taking photos though I am very amateur but I think they do liven up my blog.
        My life revolves around my family which is growing beautifully thanks to my adorable grandchildren.
        Thanks for commenting and do keep in touch x


      • Ahh – we really do have a lot in common on writing preferences, photography (though I’m truly an amateur), family and the loves of my life — grandchildren. I’m excited to have a new friend. 🙂


      • Yes, life certainly is grand and blogging too. Time gets away from me on the internet. I could spend all day reading other blogs. There’s so many interesting things out there.


      • Lovely photo of your husband and grandson. They look so happy having fun. What better way to do it than fishing. Our grandson, just turned 8, caught a record-breaking fish last year. I don’t remember the details but they didn’t record it because they didn’t want to kill it – had eggs. They put it back in the lake too. Fun sharing grandkid stories with you. 🙂


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