This post is inspired by the February theme of ‘Pilgrimage’ on  Carpe Diem

Seeking solitude
I journey into my soul
A Prayerful Pilgrim

I have written about my idea of pilgrimage before and have posted links to these posts so you can read them again if you wish. I am aware that a number of my readers have no faith or a different faith from myself. I respect that and hope you will read with an open heart and mind, and enjoy the photographs

Inner Journey http://wp.me/p2gGsd-Lv
Pilgrimage to Lourdes ~ http://wp.me/p2gGsd-i

9 thoughts on “Pilgrimage

  1. What a lovely poem! I’ve written a few spiritual haiku myself. I agree, it’s always hard to know how they will be received, but when the Spirit moves you, what else can you do? 🙂


  2. This is a wonderful post HeavenHappens, I have never done a pilgrimage for real. I am more of the virtual pilgrimage as we are on right now at Carpe Diem. Please feel free to visit and share your haiku with us.



  3. Ive just had a meander round your blog as a result of your comment on my poem, Innocence on Poet’s Corner. Your blog looks so interesting. I am around your age and have three grown children and five grandchildren under 5. My diagnosis of MS (progressive) two years ago crumbled my world and subsequently rebuilt it with.a whole new perspective on life. I am following you! 😊



    • I am so glad you found my blog and were interested enough to follow! We certainly have some things in common and I will enjoy discovering your blog too x blogging certainly took me in a new direction and enriched my lif x welcome and thanks x


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