Inspired by Haiku Heights prompt word “Lunch”

I have simple tastes when it comes to food, especially lunch.  In winter there is nothing better than home-made soup and crusty bread with lots of butter.

With fresh home-made soup

Crusty bread from the oven

A nourishing meal


I think the best lunches I ever had were on holidays travelling in France.  It was such a treat to buy wines, cheeses, French breads, and wonderful cakes from the patisserie.  My favourite cakes were called “Religieuse” as they look like a nun in her habit.  They are usually made of choux pastry filled with the most delicious cream and covered with ganache.  A bit like an éclair, they are usually coffee or chocolate flavour they are simply the best cake ever.  A picnic by a river in France is my idea of heaven, especially if it is near the Pyrenees!

Soft cheese on French bread

Religieux to follow

And café au lait


A picnic is best

Sitting by a river on

A warm sunny day


Today I got a photo of my son enjoying a pint.  His term is over and holidays are just beginning. Tomorrow he sets off for Bali in Indonesia for a friend’s wedding.  Happy days.

End of the school year

Liquid lunch to celebrate

Happy holidays


26 thoughts on “Lunch

  1. Yum! Now I’m hungry 😀 and could, like your son, use a little liquid lunch too! 😉 Thanks for sharing this fun post. Cheers, Gina


    • I often make soup and challenge myself to see how many different vegetables I can put in it. The ones in the photo were home grown but my record is 13 vegetable soup which my daughter craved when she was expecting little Stanley. Thanks for the comment x


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