Owl ~ Haikuheights April Challenge ~ A2Z

Solemn, silent sage,

Features frozen forever,

Fixed a stony stare

stony owlLooking after the grandchildren during the Easter holidays we stayed in a cabin by a fishing lake.  It was freezing cold, as you can see from the snow on the hills, but the children had fun.  Ben used the stone owl as a goalpost!

7 thoughts on “Owl ~ Haikuheights April Challenge ~ A2Z

    • Thank you x I heard a guy on the radio say ‘heaven happens’ and it just charmed me because I think it does at unexpected times in our lives. I love to look for the heavenly in everyday things and people ~ and I see it often!


    • I think I may have replied already to your comment which is lovely. Thank you. I try to look around and see heaven happen in the everyday ~ and it is often in the most mundane places. Today while coming back from London on the coach I looked over a hedge and saw a stream by a bank which was covered in primroses and daffodils. There were tiny lambs in the field and pheasants plodding around. It was so beautiful it took my breath away ~ it is at those moments that I see Heaven happen.
      Glad to bring a little bit of help ~ very willing to give more if needed x


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