Fire ~ Haiku heights Day 6

Two decades ago

A spark ignited.  Today

Their paths united


 Before time began

A stony path had been laid

His route to the grave


Filled with the Spirit

In his heart no doubt remained;

His future ordained



6 thoughts on “Fire ~ Haiku heights Day 6

  1. The first seem to be childhood sweethearts, the second sad while the third implies superior knowledge!! Lovely mix of emotions running from one to the next!!


    • Clever you x the first is about a couple who have been together many years and got married today. One is a young man I used to teach who was ordained a Priest today and the other is about the Cricifixion scene in the Mystery Play I am in x thanks for reading them x

      Sent by Brenda Kimmins


    • The first was of love as today was the wedding day of a lovely couple who have been together for years!
      One was about the Ordination today of a past pupil of mine, a lovely young man who is now a Priest. The other one was about the Mystery Play I am in at Gloucester Cathedral. The Crucifixion scene was very harrowing for the wonderful actor Laurence Aldridge.


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