Cheering throngs gather

Cheering throngs gather

Cheering throngs gather

In Messianic fervour

Fronds fall at His feet


Calling for His death

Crowds that cheered Him now decry

Innocent, He’ll die


Three times he denied

The master he followed. And

The rooster crowed twice


“Barabbas!” they cry

A callous cacophony

Convicts the wrong man


Orthodox cross

Orthodox cross

Forsaken by friends

He hangs dying on a cross

Forgiveness His gift


No stone left unturned.

In the harrowing of hell

All sins are exposed

I am in the Gloucester Mystery Plays this Easter , which will be performed in Gloucester and Worcester Cathedrals.  While I only have a small part I have found the whole experience extremely moving.  Indeed the professional and semi professional actors involved are so good that they have brought the whole story to life for me and given my faith a much needed boost.   It is mainly down to the professionalism and commitment of Sheila Mander, the producer.

Mystery plays were the foundation of the modern theatre.  Developing between the 10th and 16th century, they portrayed key stories from the Bible in an accessible way for people who had not heard or read the stories before.  The dramatic productions appealed to all types and ages of people.

Gloucester mystery Plays have taken these stories to a new level with a modern interpretation of the ancient texts.  The language is modern while the actions and rhythms of the original are faithfully captured.  There is also wonderful original music and singing.

These Mystery Plays will be bold, colourful, joyful, sad, dramatic, thought provoking and challenging.  They tell the story of the life of Jesus as an adult right up to the Last Judgement.   Hopefully they will leave the audiences deeply moved.

I can’t wait to tell you how good it was after Easter!

Gloucester Mystery Play

Gloucester Mystery Play

Mystery Play at Worcester Cathedral

Mystery Play at Worcester Cathedral

Worcester Cathedral

Worcester Cathedral (Photo credit: JmGpHoToS)

Gloucester, England

Gloucester, England (Photo credit: Nigel’s Europe)

18 thoughts on “Cacophony

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  2. I am so excited for you Brenda. What a splendid opportunity. Don’t forget to get someone to take lots of pics and put them on your blog.These are very beautiful, powerful and moving haiku.The weather in Australia is always beautiful at Easter but there is always a lingering sadness at this time of year for Christians at least. Break a leg kiddo:)


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