Shimmer ~ haiku

This post is inspired by the Haiku Heights word prompt for this weekend which is “Shimmer”.

Clevedon in Somerset

Clevedon in Somerset

Mellow moonlight drops

Diamonds on shimmering sea

Neap tide trickles out

Frosty day in the garden

Frosty day in the garden

From frosty shed roof

Hang diamanté drainpipes,

Glittering gutters


Lucky Strike

Lake shimmers ~ Ripples!

Mirror carp lured by the bait,

Fast strike ~ fish landed!

A good catch

A good catch

Setting sun shimmers

On ancient Black Sea coast as

Night train leaves Sochi

Black Sea coast at sunset seen from train leaving Sochi

Black Sea coast at sunset seen from train leaving Sochi

18 thoughts on “Shimmer ~ haiku

  1. I love each Haiku for its unique image. I spent some time with each and traveled and deepened. I especially loved the alliterated D’s–drops diamonds and diamante drainpipes,


    • Thank you Susan, lovely comment ~ I do love alliteration ~ in haiku when syllables are so few i think alliteration packs a punch to the lines. Thanks for reading and enjoy some of my other posts x


    • Oh you should, it is a magical experience travelling across Russia, Africa or anywhere really, especially at night. I’ve done long train journeys across Russia, Africa, Norway ans Switzerland in the past and loved every minute. Wish I could do more but a bit constrained now by family situation sadly. Still I have my memories x


    • Thank you x I was rather pleased with that. I wrote a poem once about the autumn leaves being my gold and the frost my silver and the raindrops my diamonds. But sometimes the sea sparkles like diamonds.


    • Ah so glad you enjoyed the post and learned a new word! I am fascinated by tides to the point of buying the table of tides each year so I know when it is high tide and when low tide. I don’t even live by the sea!


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