Rescue 2 ~ Haiku

Inspired by Haiku Heights ~ Rescue 2

We recently rescued a moth that had fallen in the sink.  Gently picking it up so as not to damage those delicate wings. We placed it on the garden table to dry out.  Within seconds a robin swooped and ate it!  Fleeting freedom, poor thing.

Trapped in the water

Translucent winged moth, rescued

Fleeting freedom tastes

In Somerset the beaches are sandy but there is always the hidden danger of quicksand.  Lifeboats are of no help when people or animals are stuck in the quicksand so the coastguard service has two Hovercraft.  They are often called out to rescue children, adults, animals, jetskis, fishing boats ~ and even each other!  Read my previous post for more on this!!

Sinking in quicksand

Real danger of drowning as

High tide rushes in

My fear of swimming stems I believe from the time I fell in the North sea.  I was 10 years old walking along the cliffs when I just slipped in the mud, fell down the cliff and straight into the sea.  I still remember the feeling of sinking deeper and deeper into the dark water where I got tangled up in the weeds.  My brave uncle saved me, but I have never liked being out of my depth since then!

Ropes and weeds held me

In the depths and the darkness

Before rescue came

I watched Life of Pi recently and thoroughly enjoyed it in 3D.  With a bit of poetic licence I added in icebergs!

Iceberg splintered wood

Cast adrift from the wreckage

Praying for rescue

There is carnage on our roads in the Cotswolds; badgers, foxes, deer, pheasants, hedgehogs ~ and tragically, sometimes children or cyclists.  We have wonderful rescue services to deal with the aftermath.

Picked up by police

On the side of the road

Orphaned by traffic


31 thoughts on “Rescue 2 ~ Haiku

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  2. Your haikus remind me how short life is. We think we have an infinite amount of time, but we do not. Death is always ready for us, but hardly the other way around.

    I wanted to formally bestow my nomination to you for the Blog of the Year 2012. I love reading your haikus!

    May God continue to bless you with an increase of light.

    Your nomination can be found here:


    • Good point ~ would it have been better to let the moth drown? Which is the better death? Can’t say either appeal to me but at least it wasn’t wasted as it provided food for a beautiful robin! There is a metaphysical message in there somewhere, maybe bloggers could consider the answer and let me know!


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