Snowflakes haiku

Flirting with Fountains

Flirting with Fountains

Sensual snowflakes

Flutter, picked out by spotlights

Flirting with fountains


Fleetingly famous

Fortunes melting in moments

As snowflakes dissolve


Snowflakes like sequins

Dressing skeletal branches

Sparkle in spotlights


skeletal branches

skeletal branches





14 thoughts on “Snowflakes haiku

    • Nothing so sensual as nature and natural beauty never goes out of fashion x Glad you enjoyed the haiku ~ I was in a very happy mood wandering round Brindley Place and the images kept popping into my head. I got so carried away by my thoughts that I left my car keys in a restaurant and had a very rude awakening after I walked all the way back to the car park in ice and snow only to find I could not open the car!! After a long cold trek retracing my steps I got my keys back just in time thank goodness!


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