The Hummingbirds are Becoming Tame!

This has got to be the most beautiful and uplifting post i have seen for a while x I have never seen a hummingbird so they are a delight for me to see and share.

5 thoughts on “The Hummingbirds are Becoming Tame!

  1. Oh, hummingbirds are delightful petite creatures … I have not seen these very colorful ones except in photos … but we are graced with them during the spring and summer. I plant flowers and vines that attract them, and I have a feeder. This afternoon — I thought I heard one, but it is not the time of year for them. Will listen again tomorrow — and put some nectar out — since we’re in the midst of winter — nary a bloom in sight for their refreshment. Thank you for sharing!


  2. Oh what a lovely surprise to find this on my reader. Thank you so much for reblogging it & I am happy the hummingbirds are making other people as happy as they make me daily. Cheers to you!


  3. Beautiful photos! I have found the hummingbirds become familiar with me and often come to the feeder nearest the door as I come across the deck to go into the house and “pose” right near me as if to say hello. They are remarkable little, busy birds. I always plant flowers that will give them natural nectar sources. Thank you for this post.


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