Small Stones 6 ~ New Journals

Full Journal 2012

Full Journal 2012

Hard back now broken

Skin leathered, wrinkled and worn

Soul spilled on the page

Having tidied away the decorations, cleaned the house and washed the dog and her bedding this weekend,  it is now time to sort out my boxes of journals.  The one above is a much used notebook from 2012.  The yellow leather binding is worn, the ribbon is frayed and the pages are falling out.  In fact it looks a bit like I feel;  but inside it, the essence of me is distilled.

On a sea of ink

I sail to oblivion

In a paper boat

Do you remember the feeling you used to get every September when school started?  Everything was new ~ uniform, pens, pencils, rulers, rubbers, sharpeners, geometry equipment, art materials and virginal exercise books covered in pretty paper.  Whatever had happened the previous term, the new school year was filled with hope for a fresh start, a clean sheet, a  copybook with no blots!

Well I got that feeling when I opened my Christmas presents and found a beautiful new journal.  It is from the Wedgewood Archive Collection and the design is called Yellow Butterfly.  Of course one journal is never enough for the addicted writer so  this year I have bought 2 other journals in the sales!  I am torn as to which one to start writing in first, they are all so beautiful.

Three new journals for 2013

Three new journals for 2013

On pristine pages

Bound with butterflies and birds

I journal my journey

Trawling the depths of

meandering memories

In rivers of words

12 thoughts on “Small Stones 6 ~ New Journals

  1. This is wonderful small stone … I have tried keeping several journals in the past — and then can’t figure what to write without writing an epistle, and then it takes too long.

    I know this is a hidden key for me — I need to figure out how to proceed!!


    • I know, but I overcome this by getting beautiful new pens too so I can keep my journal pretty ~ that lasts about a month then I revert to just grabbing whatever i can find to write with when the muse strikes! As you can see from my old journal they soon become very worn and well used! But they are a great vehicle for sorting things out and for hoarding ideas which eventually find their way into my writing. Enjoy your journals x Thanks for the comment!


  2. I have about 20 or so journals I wrote while I was a flight attendant. I had daily entries for about 5 years. It was also when I was dealing with coming out. I often think I should do something with them but I am not sure what.


    • I’m sure your journals would help others struggling with their sexuality or other people’s understanding/acceptance of it x I have found journals a great way of exploring issues and dealing with some really painful things in my life. I am so glad you have found happiness in your life and are able to share your gifts with others. I for one get a great deal of pleasure from your blog x


  3. I have found another with a passion for journals! Your new ‘Yellow Butterfly’ one is lovely, and I nod knowingly that you bought even more during sales, and are now torn on which to begin using. I was delighted with two lovely hand-bound journals, and am now struggling with…. two? Which one to dig into first, to start the next project and kick off the new year? Ahh well, I still have ones underway to help me postpone a definite decision 🙂
    Great post! Thank you. ~Gina


    • Glad we have same passion for journals! I agree the yellow one is gorgeous so that is the one I will start with. Can’t wait ~ just need some inspiration now! need to walk in the snowdrops and hellebores, that will do it for me!


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