Frozen fixtures

I took my little dog, Dayna, for a walk in my favourite sports field the other day.  Recently it has been too muddy to walk on the grass but today it was frozen rock hard.  The trees around the field looked amazing, their bare branches covered in frost.  There was also a heavy mist which gave the whole place a surreal quality.   Great for dog walking but no good for playing football!

Hoar frosted pitches

on a frozen field; fog bound

fixtures abandoned

frosty football pitch

5 thoughts on “Frozen fixtures

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  2. Hi,
    A great photo and I agree it does look surreal. Would love to have some of that cold weather here at the moment. 🙂
    I take my dog for a walk very early in the morning as the footpaths get very hot by mid morning and can damage the dogs paws, it’s great at the park as it’s all mainly grass, but we have to go across a couple of roads to get there, and the tar also gets very hot.


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