Haiku ~ Shroud and Home

I am following Haiku Heights’ weekly prompts in October.  Last week’s word was Home and this week’s word is Shroud.  As I was in London last week I thought I would combine the two and put my musings here with a few photographs.

The first photos are from Hampstead Heath in London.  In the distance is the ancient St Paul’s Cathedral, once the most illustrious feature of the skyline, but now overshadowed by the Shard.

Next are some very misty views from my bedroom window at home.  When I woke up this morning the field opposite my home was shrouded in mist.  The beauty of the trees is enhanced by the Autumn colours and the mist just makes them more beautiful in my opinion.

I also squeezed in a photo of Dayna, my little Dachsund lying at my feet in the front bedroom.  She is never far away and I am happy to say she has settled into her new home beautifully.

So here are my Shroud Haiku:~

High on Hampstead Heath

Misty miles mellow the view

of a city spoiled.

The Shard overwhelming St paul’s Cathedral

St Paul’s stands subsumed

Skyline shattered by the Shard

Crystal Colossus.

The Gherkin shrouded in mist seen from Hampstead Heath

And here are my rather sombre Home Haiku:~

Hopeless the homeless

their troubles unrelenting

as winter approaches.


Despairing.  In debt.

Brow-beaten by bankers.

Deprived of their home.

And a much more cheerful one:~

Dayna at rest in the sun

She wallows in warmth

with the sun on her body.

It’s heaven at home

Misty view from my bedroom window today

Heaven is outside my home

11 thoughts on “Haiku ~ Shroud and Home

  1. aloha HeavenHappens – i particularly like the first haiku here because of the great juxtaposition you have going between the first line and the last two and the multiple meanings that can be drawn from these words. i like that. aloha.


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