2 thoughts on “moscow dacha

  1. This dacha looks authentic. I wonder if the logs were used from a nearby woods. I love the fact that many Russians love the out of doors and have a place to go that’s in nature, or like a little village in the middle of the woods. What a great idea, and I hope the need and desire for it remains. If I ever visit Russia, I definitely would like ;to visit one of the dachas, bring some supplies for them from the city and get to know some of them. Dawn


    • Most Russians lived in huge apartment blocks in the towns and had a dacha with a bit of land in the countryside even if it was just a big shed without electricity or running water . The aim was to grow enough fruit and veg to supplement the diet when there wasn’t much food in the shops. Of course many people now have sold their dachas to developers, as land has become so valuable, to build private homes on. I hope you get to Russia one day. It is an amazing and spectacular country with generous and sociable people. Thanks for reading my blog !

      Sent by Brenda Kimmins



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