Birth Haiku

Birth ~ Past

Abandoned, alone,

giving birth in a lift shaft

disgraced and disowned

Birth ~ Present

Nestled in the womb

Nourishing and nurturing

First child of my child.

Birth ~ Future

Awaiting your birth

Natural nativity

December delivery!

16 thoughts on “Birth Haiku

    • Yes indeed, my youngest child and her husband are expecting her first baby in December ~ and I could not be more excited. This child will be loved and treasured by all. Sadly as the first Haiku reflects not all babies have such an auspicious start to their lives.


  1. Tell me I am wrong but it seemed to me this is a modern rendition of Jesus birth. Don’t worry, his work has been achieved and he is safe in spirit. Unfortunately he is being worshipped against his will-


    • Not an allegorical rendition of Jesus’s birth, but very insightful of you to tyhink it was! Just a personal reflection on how things have changed since the 1960’s and before when a birth to an unmarried mother was considered a disgrace and would lead to desperate measures. Fortunately times have changed.


    • Thank you x my life is reflected in this set of haiku. Sometimes life changes for the better. Now I am so looking forward to my first grandchild’s birth in December. This child will be loved and treasured by all.


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