Haiku Heights prompt ~ Starve

Girls chat on smart phones

As babies sit in puschairs

Starved of attention.

I notice these days as I wander about that everyone seems to be on the phone chatting.  Of course smart phones are wonderful in emergencies or for generally keeping in touch when  away from home.  But the one time I get really upset is when I see a young mum or dad with a precious baby in a pram, or a toddler pottering alongside them, being IGNORED!  This time before children start school is so special and it will never come back.  I wish I could say to the parents or carers, “Please put the phone away and talk to the child!”   I would say that conversation is one of the most basic needs that every child has a right to.  It stimulates interest in their surroundings; develops their relationships; makes them feel safe, loved and cared for; promotes curiosity; and opens the way to learning.  Tone of voice used, making eye contact and paying attention to the child are really important factors in encouraging his or her self confidence and self esteem.  Conversation also increases the child’s vocabulary and their speaking and listening skills, which are vital first steps towards learning.

So please do yourself and your child a favour “TURN OFF YOUR PHONE & TALK TO YOUR CHILD!”





12 thoughts on “Haiku Heights prompt ~ Starve

    • Yes! I don’t think my brain works like everyone else’s! Since I retired I have a mind like a butterfly and I just go off on my own path. I hope this is a sign of a creative mind and not early signs of senility!!!


  1. Beautiful post. I just was talking about this with my Hubby the other day. It is so sad how many parents I see playing with their phones while walking with their child or at a park. I agree with everything you said. Life goes by so quickly. Children thrive on attention! They love to be ‘really listened to’ and looked at when they are talking to you. Technology sometimes is crazy!! Have a super day. 🙂 Renee


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