Sunflower season

Golden Sunflowers

Yearning for enlightenment

Turn to face the sky

The sunflowers have been washed out this year in some parts of the Cotswolds due to the dreadful wet summer.  At Snowshill most of the young plants died as their roots rotted in the rain=soaked earth.  But there are still some sunflowers around and I delight in them.  The ones in my garden have just come into bloom and they are magnificent.

In Cheltenham ladies College there is a beautiful stained glass window depicting sunflowers ~ in Victorian times they were considered a symbol of faith in God as the sunflowers appear to be turning their heads to face Him.

I painted sunflowers on my summerhouse doors as for me they signify the arrival of Autumn, my favourite season.

12 thoughts on “Sunflower season

  1. Bright haiku, indeed!
    Your doors must look beautiful painted with sunflowers.
    Thanks for the interesting information about these flowers as a symbol of faith.


  2. I love all your sunflowers. I’ve never been great at growing them myself.
    My mother told me that the summer in which I was born that the sunflowers grew to 6 feet tall in her garden in the small town of Gardner Kansas. Because of that I’ve always thought of myself as being born in a sunflower village in the middle of America. It’s a rather romantic image that I enjoy. :).


    • Ah that is a lovely image. I was born in a grotty mining village in the north of England with not a flower in sight – very industrial and no gardens just back yards. My sunflowers in the garden here grow to 10 or 12 feet and I love them.


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