8 thoughts on “Cotswolds Observed

    • More startled than posing! Thanks for the news item – I have been back to the lavender fields today and the sun shone! It was beautiful and so relaxing. They distill the lavender oils there and send it off to make lots of products which they sell in their shop.


    • It is wonderful – I went there again today and just breathed in the wonderful perfume. There were skylarks singing and swifts swooping around. There was also a bi plane doing aerobatic tricks and making smoke trails in the sky which seemed a bit incongruous – but it was fun to watch.


    • Hi Karen, thanks for the comment. I too have lavender in my garden, quite a lot at the moment! But I go to the lavender fields often to soak in the peace and perfume. It is a beautiful place with a lovely little tea shop where you can sit and eat great cream cakes.


    • Thanks Mags, I wish I could put the wonderful perfume from the lavender fields on the blog. I went there again today and it was bliss. The sune even shone! Pheasants are bred in the Cotswolds for shooting sadly but many have escaped and now live wild all over the place. They are so beautiful.


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