A little bit of magic

I went to a memorial service today for a young man of 36 whom I used to teach.  He was a beautiful soul who saw through life’s shams.  One of his tributes was from his brother who remembered him saying

“you know bro the trouble with the world is people love things and use people, and we are meant to use things and love people”.  I was deeply touched by this and some of his poetry.  I have reproduced one of his poems here for you as a tribute to him.

I believe in magic

like stories once we were told

of fantasy

of fe fi fo fum

of rainbows giving us gold

I believe in magic

‘s just a twinkle in an eye

feelings, I can’t explain to you

‘s like the wisdom of our sky

Life is magic……

it makes you want/want to “free beauty”

…..so beauty can be found ?

as hidden it can be !

Let your selfish side sound

& truly beauty cannot free

but the light you might’ve missed

hits as sunshine when you know

that a true open smile played the twist

to let beauty’s secret show…..

Love peace & harmony for a better world

…..fret ye not for a day shall come

wrongs made right as they should be

all is said as shall be done

our minds in righteous unity…..

©Ashley Cassin

Notes from Ashley. It’s about everything in life being connected, containing spirit.  From the trees to the flowers to the birds & the bees to you & me to the stars in the sky & the one that keeps us alive, I’m trying to explain that peace & harmony is love or love is peace & harmony or love is god or god is love, I believe it as I write & this whole world could benefit from not abusing love (calling it their own ) as it is in so many differing ways, what if love is the energy of life, & people are fighting -killing for it, then it becomes the opposite of what it is. We should always be thankful, accepting, respecting everything everybody. we’re all individuals, but we’re all just atoms in this energy, so why can we just live with it.

2 thoughts on “A little bit of magic

  1. Beautiful tribute~ Very Wise Soul Ashley IS~
    I believe that it is important to share one’s “view” of this life, whether it be *seeing* through the “sham”, as I did when I was very young or the pain of feeling alone in our “views”, being different or even shunned by the world around us~ I am Blessed to have had my Father’s ear, heart, love and wisdom as I was growing up, as he Always validated my perceptual lens, even if he didn’t agree~ I encourage All to share with authenticity, their own unique views of the world around them through poetry, writing, song art or whatever medium fits them~ When I do this, I immediately realize how many others *see* the way that I do and feel the things that I feel~ This gift of openness/sharing oneself helps to lessen the sense of isolation that can be felt, sometimes excruciatingly in this life~ Thank you for honoring this man and for this touching post~ 🙂


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