Satisfaction achieved


This photo shows me and my four children just before setting off for my son’s wedding.  It is definitely the moment that sums up my feelings of deep pride, joy, and satisfaction.

If my children ever read my blog, which they don’t, they would be mortified to see themselves publicly displayed.  Young people are never satisfied with how they look, and mine guard their privacy to greater or lesser degrees!  However, I am so proud of having raised these wonderful, kind, caring, funny, hard-working and loving people that I am going to risk it.

We are so rarely all together, as three of them live abroad.  But when we are together there is a bond so strong it feels incredible.  We will all be together again in less than 2 weeks for my 70th birthday and I can’t wait.

I feel blessed to have such a family.

30 thoughts on “Satisfaction achieved

  1. . ⛳❤❤⛳❤❤⛳
    ❤❤ ⚪⚪⚪ ❤❤

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    • Ah thank you treasure, that is praise indeed from you x
      We did scrub up quite well!!
      We got a bit bedraggled later as it was pouring with rain when we came out of the chapel- but that is a long story!


  2. congratulations on raising four handsome and delightful children, well done .. that’s not an easy task and soon your 70th … how delightful, enjoy these memories and your few precious times together 🙂

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