I just have to post photos of my grandchildren to illustrate this week’s photo challenge.  The theme is Partners and these two are definitely partners when it comes to getting up to mischief.  But they adore each other!

Following on from the surprising result of our referendum on membership of the European Union this week, I feel sad that our partnership with the other European countries is coming to an end.  So many people gave so much to bring peace and partnership to Europe during the wars, not least the combined services of army, airforce and navy.  In their honour I am posting some photos I took on Remembrance Day at Westminster Abbey in London.

I can’t resist putting in some of my favourite photos.  Of course my little Dachsund, Dayna, is a wonderful companion for me, but her hero is my husband.  When he is at the hospital for dialysis she often sits beside (or on) his slippers waiting for his return. The pair of ponies share a field near me so I guess they qualify as partners.  And of course the garden birds are my constant delight and we have a partnership.  I feed them regularly and they reward me by coming into my garden and sometimes even into the house like this little one!

And last but not least, partners for life ….literally!

My mum and Dad lived in parallel streets as children and went to the same school.  They were friends from the age of 8 and eventually married in 1945.  They were inseparable until my father died in 1993 and she followed him some years later.

terry & stella wedding

My mum and Dad on their wedding day in 1945


17 thoughts on “Partners

  1. Bless you for your beautiful comment. Yes my much loved father died in 1993 but will never be forgotten. I’m very impressed that you can fly a plane. My beloved husband who recently passed away worked for years designing parts for airplanes and helicopters in the UK and USA.


  2. Dear Brenda – I did not know your father, although I was at his funeral. On that occasion you gave me a Good News Bible with a prayer card of the 23rd Psalm. On the back of that card you wrote “Remember T++M++ in your prayers”.

    Well, the Good News Bible I receievd as a child survived until I left university, whereupon it fell apart and has now been replaced with a Jerusalem Bible… but the bookmark hasn’t changed, it’s still your father’s prayer card. And yes, I have remembered him. I have prayed form him, many times. That bible has been half-way around Europe and back, served me well in retreats and has sat on my desk during hours of lectures. And TM has been taken with me everywhere.

    Having just found your blog, I’ve read various parts of it – including your most recent entry on the death of your husband on Good Friday. Please be assured that he too will now be in my prayers and on my November List.

    I found your blog because I was looking for a news story – a helicopter landing in STM school. Via google, up came a picture I remember from so long ago, which you had posted! These days I still like helicopters and, even more so, planes (and I can fly one too).

    Please keep me in your prayers as, like you have been, I too am often in a hospital with those who are sick and dying. I attend as the chaplain.

    Keep safe, and with every good wish and blessing, your former pupil,
    Fr Liam

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    • Thanks!
      I loved the theme- could have posted lots more but don’t want to be a bore!
      Can you give me some advice? Is it better to post a single photo or a collection? I’ve noticed that lots of people just choose one great photo but I tend to go overboard and post lots! Does it matter do you think?

      Sent by Brenda Kimmins


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      • Hi Brenda! I feel it’s a personal choice. There are some more who Post single pictures but they post 6-7 entries in response to each theme. It’s perfectly fine to post multiple pictures. There are no rules on this. I usually stick to one as I prefer to write some story. unless all these pictures relate to one another it kind of dilutes. so essentially my style is bit of story or interpretation about picture. whatever you opt stick to it. It’s like each musician has his signature style. So feel free without any guilt Brenda! Photography is an art and artist should have their own space and freedom.. right?? Have a great weekend!

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